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ZLAB Tools

Create Complexes: Generate predictions from a ZDOCK output file.

Create Multimers: Generate predictions from an M-ZDOCK output file.

View Predictions: View predictions from a ZDOCK output file.

External Tools

The following servers and programs accept ZDOCK output files, but be sure to specify the older ZDOCK output format when submitting a job (ZDOCK 3.0.2F or 2.3.2F).

FiberDock Server: Flexible refinement of protein docking predictions.

ClusPro 1.0: A server to filter, cluster, and rank docking predictions. currently offline

PRUNE Server: Prune initial-stage docking predictions.

PROBE Server: Refine and rerank docking predictions.

FiPD: A program that can filter predictions from a ZDOCK output file based on user-specified criteria.

Other Docking Servers

Hex Server

RosettaDock Server


SymmDock Server